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Your gift today supports the Bread Lab’s work to create thriving regional networks of the planet’s most relied upon food: nourishing grains.

Here’s some of our favorite reasons for becoming a sponsor:

You’re in good company! Our circle of supporters is comprised of innovative, solution-seeking leaders, people who share our passion for providing goods and services that serve people, animals, communities, and the planet.

Supporting Students. The research of the Bread Lab is driven by our graduate students. These future leaders are funded 100% by grants and gifts to the lab.  We have current and future students that are in need of your financial support.  

Involvement: The Bread Lab is a crossroads of traditional (non-GMO) plant breeding and experimentation into wholesome cooking, baking and brewing with grains. Plant breeders, farmers, chefs and bakers arrive from around the world to re-imagine the flavors and nutrition contained in the thousands of grains developed and tested at the Bread Lab.

Every gift helps.  The Bread Lab relies on gifts from individuals, families, public agencies, and companies and we appreciate every gift. Not only the large donations but the small gifts which do add up and which assure us that we are in the midst of a fellowship of individuals who care about healthful food for ever more people.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Stephen Jones.

Thank you for your support!

Washington State University is a 501c3 organization and your contribution may be tax deductible. 








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