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A Miche Mash of Big Bread: Miche: Scott Mangold (Breadfarm), Ryan Moore (Camas Country Mills)

July 29, 2017 @ 7:30 am – 8:30 am
Tent: Bread Lab

Join Scott Mangold, owner of Breadfarm, and Ryan Moore, miller/baker at Camas Country Mill, in making some large loaves of bread.  In this hands-on setting, we will mix, ferment, shape and bake Miche with spent grain and local beer (in the bread).  Whole Wheat Market ‘Boulot’, and 100% Rye.  We will mix and shape the loaves during the first day’s session and bake the following morning.

Learn how to handle wieldy pieces of dough, gain experience using locally grown/milled, whole grain flours, share your experiences and enjoy the camaraderie amidst a group baking bread.

Make more with less.  We’ll also discuss the ease of production and other added values of going large for the baker at home and in the bakeshop-small or large.

*hands on space is limited but everyone is welcome to observe.

Scott Mangold

Scott has been a Northwest artisan baker since 1997.  In 2003, Scott and his wife, Renée Bourgault, opened Breadfarm on the fertile flats of Skagit Valley, Washington in the rural community of Edison.  The intention of the bakery is to build community by using ingredients from farmers and producers in the region to craft food that is both delicious and good for people’s health.

Scott enjoys all the intricacies of natural fermentation: the chemistry, the challenge, the depth of flavor, the dough responding to weather and flour changes, responding to one’s touch.   He values the digestive and nutritional benefits of using levain.  Now, amidst a significant resurgence in locally grown, bread worthy grains, and armed with a brand new, custom built stone mill, Scott is transitioning the bakery’s flours to use these grains, freshly milled, to produce loaves and pastries packed full of goodness.