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Affordable, Delicious & Easy: Home Baked Whole Grain Bread: George DePasquale (Essential Baking)

July 27, 2017 @ 2:20 pm – 4:00 pm
Bread Lab

Baking with whole grains can seem daunting, especially at home. Understanding your ingredients and applying a few basic skills makes the whole process much easier. it’s not that hard and it’s really not that much effort. And the results are miles ahead of anything you can find on the grocery shelf. My aim in all my classes is to take the mystery out of bread baking, dispel the mythology and show you just how easy it is to get beautiful bread every time.

George DePasquale, Lifetime Artisan Baker

George is a founder, owner, and the Head Baker at The Essential Baking Company.

An Italian-American native of New York, George grew up in an Italian neighborhood on Long Island where his father worked as a barber.  Fresh bread was easily found at the Italian bakery around the corner when his mother was not baking fresh bread at home.

George traveled to California where he started his baking career at the age of 20.  George continued to work as a baker in San Francisco (while simultaneously pursuing his music career as an electric bass player).  He moved to Seattle, and in 1994 launched The Essential Baking Company with his signature rustic breads.

George is most often found at The Essential Baking Company, pulling fresh baked loaves from the oven or forming dough alongside his highly skilled team of bakers. George teaches baking classes at local cooking schools and is a member of the Bread Baker’s Guild of America.