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Working with Buckwheat in Breads and Pastry – Amanda Michael, Jorgen Carlsen Blair, Cardigan-Smith

July 26, 2018 @ 2:20 pm – 5:00 pm

Buckwheat: Lamination, Breads and Pastry

We will be exploring using Buckwheat in a modern bakery environment – from lamination to breads to pastry buckwheat brings a depth of flavor to all applications. We will talk about using a scald vs using dry flour as well as sweet and savory products.

We will be making
Buckwheat Chocolate Croissants
Jane’s Baby Buck Bread
Buckwheat Miche
Buckwheat Shortbread


Jorgen Carlsen – Head Baker
Jorgen Carlsen has been the head baker at Jane the Bakery for the last four years. Equally at home in bread and viennoiserie, Jorgen has developed a diverse selection of bread and croissants for Jane the Bakery with a focus on high quality ingredients and well executed product. Over the last two years Jorgen’s baguette, croissant and chocolate croissant have all been awarded best in San Francisco.

Blair Cardigan Smith – Assistant Head Baker
Reformed astronomer since 2012; trained in kitchens to uncover the well-made loaf of sourdough. My passion is creating the community we create within and around bakeries.

Amanda Michael – Owner and founder of Jane – a trio of cafe/bakeries in San Francisco focused on healthy, freshly made breakfast and lunch options alongside top quality breads and pastries. Amanda has roughly 30 years experience in the restaurant community in San Francisco with a deep history in baking. She has developed bread and pastry programs for restaurants and hotels, cooked on many lines and loves nothing more than seeing customers enjoy a good meal.