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Exploring Grain Flavor: George DePasquale (Essential Baking), Louisa Hays (Essential Baking)

July 27, 2017 @ 4:20 pm – 5:00 pm

Exploring Grain Flavor: Intro to Sensory Evaluation and Whole Grain Bread Tasting.

Learn the basics of sensory evaluation, including developing descriptive terminology and flavor mapping methods, to characterize sensory attributes of whole grain breads.  Then put your skills to work in a tasting of whole grain breads baked by George de Pasquale of The Essential Baking Company.

George DePasquale, Lifetime Artisan Baker

George is a founder, owner, and the Head Baker at The Essential Baking Company.

An Italian-American native of New York, George grew up in an Italian neighborhood on Long Island where his father worked as a barber.  Fresh bread was easily found at the Italian bakery around the corner when his mother was not baking fresh bread at home.

George traveled to California where he started his baking career at the age of 20.  George continued to work as a baker in San Francisco (while simultaneously pursuing his music career as an electric bass player).  He moved to Seattle, and in 1994 launched The Essential Baking Company with his signature rustic breads.

George is most often found at The Essential Baking Company, pulling fresh baked loaves from the oven or forming dough alongside his highly skilled team of bakers. George teaches baking classes at local cooking schools and is a member of the Bread Baker’s Guild of America.

Louisa Hays

Louisa began her career working in the food industry in restaurants and farmer’s markets.  She developed a specific interest in Dairy Science while obtaining a BS in Food Microbiology from UC Davis.   She went on to work as a cheesemaker and eventually went back to school to receive a MS in Food Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin.  She wrote her Master’s thesis on ice cream!  Since then she has done nutrition research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, has worked as a product developer for Starbucks and is currently the Manager of Food Quality and Regulatory Programs at The Essential Baking Company.  Louisa is fascinated by baking and is always learning through her current role.  She is particularly passionate about applying her food science background to sensory studies of bread and grains.