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Food Barley Sensory Workshop: Brigid Meints (Bread Lab), Andrew Ross (Oregon State University), Lane Selman (Oregon State University)

July 27, 2017 @ 2:20 pm – 4:00 pm
Tent 2

This session will include presentations on (1) the Culinary Breeding Network project and expansion into barley, (2) barley from a plant breeder’s perspective, and (3) barley from a cereal chemist/baker’s perspective.  In this interactive sensory workshop, multiple barley varieties will be tasted across a range of preparations from whole grain to bread to tea.
Participants will experience barley color and flavor diversity during the session’s sensory evaluation.  Come explore the world of barley!

Brigid Meints
Brigid grew up in Corvallis, OR and developed a love for plants at a young age. She earned a BA from Scripps College in Anthropology and Gender & Women’s Studies, but found her way back to plants after graduation when she began working for the barley breeding program at Oregon State University. She earned her MS from OSU in Crop Science with a focus in Plant Breeding & Genetics. Starting in the Fall of 2014, she began working towards a PhD under the direction of Dr. Stephen Jones. Her project focuses on breeding and trialing barley and dry beans for production in northwestern Washington.

Dr. Andrew Ross
Andrew is an award-winning teacher and Professor at Oregon State University in Crop and Soil Science & Food Science and Technology. His areas of interest are fundamental and applied research of cereal grain components, and wheat- and barley-based foods. The OSU Cereal Quality laboratory investigates the molecular phenomena that control the characteristics of cereal foods and uses this knowledge to maximize the probability of selecting new cereal varieties with improved end-use performance in conventional uses (bread,cookies, etc) and to where possible identify and exploit novel quality traits of potential value.

Lane Selman

Lane grew up on a citrus farm on Florida’s space coast where her Sicilian great-grandparents settled in the 1920s. She has a Bachelors degree in Agronomy and a Masters in Entomology, both from the University of Florida. She moved to Oregon in 2001 and since 2005 has been an agricultural researcher at Oregon State University working with dozens of organic vegetable farmers in the PNW on collaborative research projects. In 2012, Lane created the Culinary Breeding Network to increase communication and collaboration between plant breeders, seed growers, farmers, produce buyers and chefs to improve quality in vegetables with a focus on public and independent organic breeding work. She lives in Portland, Oregon.