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Growing, Drinking and Cooking with Quinoa – Kevin Murphy & Niels Brisbane

July 26, 2018 @ 3:20 pm – 4:00 pm
Tent 2

Kevin Murphy will be discussing his research in breeding and growing quinoa in Western Washington.  Niels Brisbane will be accompanying him with a tasting of a quinoa based drink accompanied with a 100% quinoa chip with seasonal toppings.

Kevin Murphy is an Associate Professor of International Seed and Cropping Systems at WSU, and his work focuses on providing farmers with productive varieties for a diversity of rotational crops and consumers with more nutritionally-dense, flavorful, and heart healthy options. Kevin’s key breeding and cropping system projects include work with malt and food barley, quinoa, naked spelt and perennial grains. In addition to his work in the Pacific Northwest, Kevin has active participatory breeding projects in Rwanda, Malawi and Ecuador. His recent varieties include ‘Elwha River’ spelt, ‘Havener’ and ‘Meg’s Song’ naked barley types and ‘Lyon’, ‘Muir’ and ‘Survivor’ hulled barleys.

Niels Brisbane – Niels is the Culinary Director at The Bread Lab and the new Canlis Research Kitchen.  He is currently working on projects that further explore the incredible ingredients of this region and how they can be more accessible to consumers.