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Miche Mash of Big Bread: Scott Mangold (Bread Farm), Ryan Moore (Camas Bakery)

July 28, 2017 @ 9:50 am – 11:30 am
Bread Lab

This is a production workshop that will begin with rye bread and add a later session devoted to miche.

Scott Mangold

Scott is co-owner of Breadfarm in Edison, WA with his wife Renee Bourgault.

Ryan Moore

Ryan Moore has been baking naturally leavened breads for over 12 years and has trained and worked with some great bakers including, Keith Guisto, Leslie Mackie, Didier Rosada, and Nicky Guisto. Recently, Ryan has taken bread baking to the next level. Joining the Camas Country Mill family, Ryan lives on the farm, watching the wheat grow, working at the mill, and baking breads in a wood fired oven. For the past year, Ryan has been working exclusively with Camas Country Mill flours, and has learned a great deal about working with whole grains and freshly milled, whole grain flours. Being so close to the farm and mill, Ryan has the opportunity to continuously experiment, learn and play with new varieties of grains.