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Ston’d Milling: Part 1. Milling in America Now! Graison Gill (Bellegarde Bakery), Jim Williams (Seven Stars Bakery), Blair Marvin & Andrew Heyn (Elmore Mountain Bread)

July 27, 2017 @ 2:20 pm – 3:00 pm
Mill Room

Ston’d Milling: from Harvest to Furrow.  This workshop on milling is divided into 6 sessions, each focusing on a separate aspect of milling.  Participants may choose to attend one or all of the sessions.

Graison Gill

Graison Gill owns Bellegarde Bakery and Mill in New Orleans. Opened in 2013, Bellegarde produces hand made breads and whole grain flour. Named after Louisiana’s first bakery, we are proud to be re-introducing real grains to Southern cuisine.

Jim Williams

Jim co-owns Seven Stars Bakery in Providence, Rhode Island with his wife, Lynn.  Seven Stars Bakery operates three retail bakery cafes in the Providence area.

Jim’s passion for whole grain breads led to the purchase of a stone mill in 2014.  His side project, Backdoor Bread, focuses on single variety, whole grain , stone milled, naturally leavened, hand mixed breads available weekly.

Andrew Heyn and Blair Marvin

Andrew and Blair are a husband and wife team who have been baking bread together since 2004.  Elmore Mountain Bread is a wood-fired bakery, stone ground flour mill and millwright located in Elmore, Vermont.  Their breads are made entirely with organic and regionally sourced wheat and specialty grains, all of which are ground into flour on their stone mill and baked in a custom wood-fired oven.  They also recently started New American Stone Mills which builds natural granite stone mills for bakers.