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Tribuataries Along the River Rye, HANDS-ON LIMITED – Jeffrey Hamelman & Tamiae Squibb

July 27, 2018 @ 1:20 pm – 5:00 pm

In this class, other than making a freestanding loaf of 100% rye, we’ll also make and taste the traditional rye-based Russian drink kvass, rye sticks with dried fruit and chocolate, and a cake made with old rye bread and roasted hazelnuts, topped with a fruit compote and a honey chocolate mousse.

Jeffrey Hamelman began baking professionally in 1976 and has felt a gratitude for the work of baking that has only increased ever since. He is grateful for the steady improvement in the quality of good baking in North America, grateful for the genuine camaraderie among bakers worldwide, grateful for the mutual commitment that bakers forge with their communities; and deeply grateful for that one eternal food that he eats seven days a week—bread. It’s all about the bread.

Tamiae Squibb is a baker, a grower, and an all-around craftsperson. She has had an active interest in food and food systems for many years. Currently, she owns and operates a microbakery in Vancouver, BC, where she serves her community freshly-milled sourdough breads with the deepest integrity.