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Jonathan Bethony


Jonathan Bethony led the Bread Lab’s experimental bakery from its inception in 2013 until March of 2016.  We’ll look forward to his return from time to time to lead baking workshops.

A native of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York, Jonathan started his career as a professional baker after returning from extensive and soul-searching travels throughout West Africa and South Asia. He developed his passion for the trade first as an enthusiastic home baker, and later as an unpaid apprentice in the locally famous Burnt Toast restaurant. Several baking-related jobs followed until he undertook yet another life-changing journey to the Bay Area to attend the acclaimed San Francisco Baking Institute for the Professional Training Program. Just days after graduating, he began the first of several stints developing artisan bread programs for Bay Area bakeries.

Throughout his time in the Bay Area, Jonathan networked and baked with local and legendary bakers in order to advance himself in the trade. This journey led him to the doorstep of the famous Craig Ponsford who took him under his wing and introduced him to the latest and greatest trends in whole grain milling and baking. Jonathan quickly established himself as an important member of the Bread Lab’s research team, and the knowledge and experience he gained during his tenure continues to shape his baking artistry going forward.

Jonathan’s current contact information: phone: (720) 237 7638