The Bread Lab Collective

"The Bread Lab Collective"
Loaf label, "10 cents of this purchase goes to The Bread Lab. This loaf is made possible by a collaboration with The Bread Lab, a non-profit developing grains for nutrition and taste."
Sliced fresh bread sits on a rustic table.
Unbaked loaves rest in gang pans.
Sliced fresh bread on cooling racks.
The Bread Lab Collective is a national group of craft bakers, millers, teachers, students and wheat breeders who joined together to create pure and simple whole wheat sandwich bread that appeals to all. These soft, sliced loaves are made with seven or fewer ingredients in formulas developed by Jeff Yankellow—including 60% to 100% whole wheat flour—making them a good source of both whole grains and fiber. It is a long-fermented bread with none of the “non-food” items commonly found in this type of soft bread, such as dough conditioners, vital wheat gluten, flavorings, colors and preservatives. The shelf life is five days, after which it should be frozen. 10¢ from each loaf purchased goes to the Bread Lab to fund further research designed to make this and similar types of baked products possible. Thank you.
The following are the founding members of the Collective. They will sell the loaves regionally and/or do occasional production bakes of this type of bread to give freely to various local food pantries, early childhood centers and similar outlets.

Collective Founding Members

  • Barrio Bread, Arizona
  • Prager Brothers Artisan Breads, California
  • Jane the Bakery, California
  • Health Sciences, University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Yale University, Connecticut
  • Bluegrass Baking Company, Kentucky
  • Wheat Breeding Program, University of Kentucky, Kentucky
  • Bellegarde Bakery, Louisiana
  • Zingerman’s Bakehouse, Michigan
  • Agriculture Program, Flathead Valley Community College, Montana
  • Blue Truck Bread, Montana
  • Cereal Quality, Crop and Soil Science, Oregon State University, Oregon
  • Chatham University, Pennsylvania
  • Mediterra Bakehouse, Pennsylvania
  • Seven Stars Bakery, Rhode Island
  • Backdoor Bread, Vermont
  • King Arthur Flour Bakery + Cafe, Vermont
  • Elmore Mountain Bread, Vermont
  • Mel Darbyshire, Washington
  • Breadfarm, Washington
  • Culinary Arts & Hospitality, Skagit Valley College, Washington
  • The Bread Lab, Washington
  • King Arthur Baking School at The Bread Lab, Washington
Support for The Bread Lab’s portion of this work provided by The Bullitt Foundation, Sustainable Path Foundation,The Clif Bar and King Arthur Flour Endowed Chair in Organic Grain Breeding and Innovation, Patagonia and anonymous sources.

For further information on how to support this effort or to join the collective, please contact Stephen Jones ( or Kim Binczewski (

Our Mission

The programs of the Bread Lab work to breed and develop publicly available varieties of grains and other crops that will benefit farmers, processors, and end-users while enhancing access to affordable and nutritious food for all members of our communities.

Our Vision

Through innovation and discovery, and an appreciation of the culture and traditions that define what we eat, the Bread Lab plays a major role in moving food systems in more meaningful and just directions.

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