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The Grain Gathering

July 27, 28 & 29, 2017

We are excited to announce this year’s amazing speakers.  They are all leaders in their fields and will take us through a 10-year campaign to change how people eat, grain nutrition, grain’s role in making the ancient state, and foodcare – caring for those we feed and those feeding us. Read about them.

Workshops and Presentations to include in-bakery milling, wheat and women: three vignettes from history, lamination with whole grains, whole wheat ramen noodles, bee keeping, home baked whole grain bread, recipe writing, heirloom and modern wheats, cooking for Olympic athletes, new school agriculture: the legal challenges of creating non-commodity success, working with culinary malts, rural-urban and farm-food movement issues, production baking, Persian flatbreads, plant breeding, challenges and research needs for small to mid-sized milling operations, crackers, and success can be brutal!  And more….

All levels of baking ability are welcome!

The annual three day conference brings together professional and home bakers, maltsters, brewers, distillers, millers, farmers, wheat breeders, chefs, food writers, community and food activists, and entrepreneurs from around the world. Attendees choose among 40 workshops, panel discussions and demonstrations that explore a range of topics which may include matching wheat varieties to end products, working with fresh milled flours, milling techniques, brewing and baking with non-commodity barleys, baking in a wood fired oven, starting a whole grain bakery on a budget, growing a regional grain network, the science of bread, poetry and art in our work places, sharing knowledge, the challenges of scale, and paths towards a more just food system.

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